Steam autoclave sterilizer, steam retort, horizontal sterilizer, agitated, rotation, revolution sterilizer, pressure steamer, cooker

steam sterilizer, pressure cooker, pressure steamer, retort cooker

Autoclave Sterilizer, pressure retort steam cooker, disinfection equipment

Boiler source, Steam sterilisation with wet sterile method

Food sterilization equipment

Wet pressure sterilizer
Food, drugs, herbal

with exhaust cock

with small electrical generator

Electrical wet sterilizer
small electrical power

Free pressure boiler

Pressure oven, tank, vessel

Pressure Oven
Tanks, vessel

quick open door

steam foods sterilization equipment canned food sterilization machine

steam retort sterilizer / steam autoclave sterilizer

Steam generator supply heat / wet disinfection / aseptic apparatus

pressure steam sterilizer

horizontal steam autoclave
pressure steamer / pressure sterilization / temperature sterile process

Steam sterilization, sterilizer, vulcanized vessel

  • heat source from boiler : the pressure of thermal source should be over than 6 bars (kg/cm2)
  • active temperature range: 105 ~ 160 ℃, it designed according to customer needs
  • heating speed: according to industry and specially designed heating rate, or customer needs and design heating rate
  • heating options: direct heating, jacket heating, water immersion heating process
  • operating system: manual / semi-automatic control / full automatic microcomputer control system

Steam retort types: Horizontal, static, rotation, rotary, agitated retort

pressure autoclave
pressure sterilizer

Food cooking, sterile canned, high temperature cooker / steamer

glass sterilizer
Glass sterilization

Agricultural Cultivation medium / Glass bottles / glass jar

steam asepticizer
steam asepticizer

Food / beverage disinfection, agro-processing, retort food process

steam agitated sterilizer
agitated autoclave

Steam rotary retort, rotation disinfector, revolution retort

revolution retort
revolution retort

revolution steamer, rotated sterilizer, rotation asepticizer

Heating by pressure boiler: Agricultural, wood, mushrooms disinfection

Mushroom sterilization machine
mushroom sterile

Mushrooms, edible fungus cultivation, timber, bamboo and rattan stereotypes disinfection

rubber sulfurizing autoclave
Super long vulcanizer 42M

rubber vulcanizing oven, rubber sulfured vessel, tire renovation vulcanizer

dual door sterilizer
dual door sterilizer

Rodent gear quick open door, with single door / double door / twin doors, two doors autoclave sterile

sterilization cage
sterilization cage

cage types: for tin can, bottles, glass jar sterilizing tool, tray type: pouch, pouches, drip pouch, retort bag

sterilization system
steam sterile sterilizer system

Full automatic operation, semi-automatic, truck loading, trolly loading system

Electrical sterilizer / sterilization laboratory autoclave, R&D autoclave

steam generator retort
autoclave with electrical steam generator

electrical steam generator in the autoclave for small autoclave sterilizer only

laboratary autoclave
laboratory retort

disinfection of instrument, biotech autoclave steam sterilizer, biotechnology sterilization, biological sterile

dual door sterilizer
dual door sterilizer

small disinfector with two quick open door at both side, for kinds of laboratory sterilization process

hot air autoclave
hot air autoclave

Textile setting vessel, stockings stereotypes, dry sterilization, hot air circulation sterilizer, hot air asepticizer

steam asepticizer
steam asepticizer

autoclave asepticizer with steam generator, the boil supply thermal source direct into the disinfector

Pressure steam autoclave: Specifications, materials, application

  • application fields: food industry, rubber industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, general industrial, textile, medical equipment
  • retort body materials: stainless steel # 304, # 316 stainless steel, carbon steel
  • retort pressure range: from vacuum (vacuum pressure) to 10 kg/cm2 (bars)
  • autoclave environment room temperature: 4 ℃ above or above the freezing point
  • autoclave / retort sterilization machine working temperature range: 105 ~ 165 ℃
  • autoclave pressure vessel safety Inspection: CNS, JIS, ASME, "U" stamp
  • retort sterilizer operation system: full automatic computer-controlled, semi-automatic control, manual operation
  • steam autoclave size: diameter from 770mm to 3800mm / Length from 610mm to 42M
  • insulation: glass fiber, rockwool, / insulation cover : stainless, coating steel plate
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High temperature and high pressure autoclave sterilizer operation / retort maintenance

high pressure sterile machine, autoclave sterilizer definition: First kinds pressure vessel

  • government safety inspection, operator training requirement for steam retort / steam autoclave :
    1. generally for the high pressure steam sterilization machine / the inner pressure of autoclave chamber was more than 1kg/cm2 , the temperature was above boiling point. Therefore there must be government agencies safety inspection
    2. To operating the steam retort / steam autoclave the operator must have a qualified certificate or a certificate of operation

-- The absolute prohibition of high pressure sterilizer operation --

  • before the inner pressure of autoclave step-dwon to 0 (kg/cm2), absolute prohibition of to open the retort door
  • bactericidal goods have not yet cooled to under 100 ℃ , absolute prohibition of
    spraying with cold water to the products
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