Sterilization Pouches, Sterilisation Pouches, soft can, pouches cooker, sterile pouches sterilization process
sterilization pouches with water spray sterilizer in high pressure sterilization

Sterilization Pouches Sterilizer Maker

The best sterilizing machine for pouches sterilizing

Save energy for you

Save Energy


For all sterilization container

All in one


Best cooking quality

Protein Glucose


Retort pouches, Flexible pouches, soft can, Aluminum foil

flexible pouches
flexible pouches 
steriliztion fish pouches
Sterilization pouch
sterilization chicken
sterile chicken
flewxible pouch sterilization
Aluminum Foil
stand up pouches
Standup pouches

Sterilization pouches / pouch sterilization setting

  1. Sterilization temperature : 80~125℃  / 175~260F
  2. Sterilization pressure : 1.2~1.8 bars
  3. Pouches heat resistant : 125℃  / 260F  25 minutes
  4. Pouches material :
    1. Aluminum Foil
    2. Laminated Film/Bag
    3. Metalized / Aluminum Foil Film & Bag
  5. Sterilization pouches size : up to 5kg/pcs

Sterilizer for sterilization pouches, soft can, retort pouch

water spray autoclave
spray sterilizer
spray sterilizer
retort sterilizer
spray retort sterilizer
autoclave retort
horizontal autoclave
horizontal retort
pilot autoclave sterilizer
pilot retort

Best solution of pouches sterilizing process

  1. High precision over pressure control system never exploded the sterilization pouches
  2. High precision temperature distribution of the retort sterilizer
  3. A few circulation water and don't need exhaust steam during sterilization process, that was save money and save energy
  4. Full micro-process control system, with One Touch operating process, easy for operating
  5. Polish at inner and outside face of chamber, easy for cleaning
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