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For all sterilization container

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Full Function of Static / Rotary Water Steam Spray Retort

Water steam spray batch retort sterilization process machine :

  1. high pressure circulation water spray into the overpressure autoclave chamber to make small water drop
  2. small water drop absorb thermal from injection steam immediately
  3. millions of small water drop surround the product and heating it.
  4. the water drop "swimming" in the space of overpressure batch retort chamber, its doing "heating product and absorb thermal" again and again
  5. water drop fall down into the tray at the bottom of batch retort chamber, its become circulation water again and again circulation during the sterilization process
  6. for batch foods sterile equipment, Pharma pressure sterilization machine

Steam Autoclave, Full water immersion , vertical sterilizer

Full water immersion autoclave
Water immersion
Pressure oven
Pressure Oven
Vertical retort sterilizer
Vertical retort
Steam Autoclave
LB Steam retort

Steam sterilizer machine / Steam Autoclave / Full water immersion autoclave

  1. steam autoclave sterilizer / steam batch retort for dry sterilization process, material with steel and SUS304 or SUS316, process temperature from 105 ~ 150
  2. Full water immersion retort for water immersion sterile process with static or rotary or revolution   foods sterilizer,  running temperature from 105 ~ 130
  3. Pressure oven : for steam dryer or steam heating process, rubber vulcanization autoclave, rubber vulcanization pressure oven, tyres vulcanization oven
  4. Vertical batch retort / autoclave : for water immersion sterilization process equipment or steam cooking process machine
  5. Laboratory steam autoclave : its mini steam autoclave for tool or instrument or container dry sterilization process , or small batch steam sterilization process

Full function of water steam Spray batch retort sterilizer

Injection drop
medical sterilization
Medical sterile
retort pouch
Retort Pouch
Plastical bottles sterilization
Bottles sterile
Glass Jar sterilization
Glass Sterile

Batch retort / Autoclave sterilizer Function - For all thermal resistant material 

  1. Medical sterilization package material, additional with F value recorder and leaking test system, ex: injection drop pouches
  2. Sterile retort pouch and pouch foods batch sterilization process
  3. Glass bottles and glass sterile process
  4. Plastic material : drink PP HDPE bottles and PP cup with PP film cover
  5. Aluminum material : aluminum foil, aluminum can, flexible pouches, aluminum pouch



The foods sterilization equipment / autoclave sterilizer / batch retort

autoclave sterilizer loading

Retort chamber / Diameter 1.7M / length 11M / Basket 10 / 1000kg per basket

Steamwater spray autoclave with close circulation cold down system / one touch running operated

The basket loading system with Auto loading and manual loading system, When with auto-loading system, in the sterilizer chamber would be a chain loading driver for pull in the batch sterilization basket and fitting in position, As the sterilization process is finish, the chain driver would push out the basket case by case, At the front of sterilizer should have a truck for storage the basket

Manual loading system was with a trolly carry the sterilization basket on it, the cage push in the chamber was by manual

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