Batch Retort Sterilizer, Batch Autoclave Sterilizer, water spray overpressure retort, steam autoclave, water immersion sterilizer, vertical sterilizer

overpressure retort sterilizer, overpressure batch autoclave sterilizer for pharmacy, foods

Saturated water sterile retort, Steam autoclave, water immersion sterilizer

Batch saturated water Retort sterilizing machine
Steam and Water Spray overpressure Retort / Autoclave

Steam mixed with water directly

Save energy
Don't need exhaust

save energy 45%

For all retortable packing

All In One
Jar, Pouch, Can

Full Function Sterilizer

The best cooker / sterilizer

Protein / Glucose
Best mouth feeling

Never Carbonization

Hot water spray retort, saturated water sterilization retort

retort sterilizer room / autoclave sterilization system

Steam-water spray retort, Steamwater autoclave

hot water spray  sterilizer

Hot water spray sterilizer
for food and pharmacy retort sterilization machine and high pressure disinfection batch autoclave machine

High efficient autoclave sterilization machine

  1. Full function of disinfection, precision bactericidal effect, best high-pressure disinfection methods
  2. With online sterilization validation recording devices to record the whole validation value during sterile process
  3. The best heat exchange efficiency: recycled water atomization, steam heating atomized water directly
  4. Unique autoclave sterilization technology, at least the steam supply, advanced exhaust-free sterile method, to create the lowest cost-effective of food processing
  5. High precision batch retort thermal distribution, the temperature accuracy was guarantee in ± 0.5 ° C
  6. Aseptic cooling system: with water circulation cooling system, absolutely no chlorine residue
  7. Color screen operation interface, whole sterilization procedures was micro-computer automatic control system

Function of batch Autoclave / batch Retort sterilization machine
for High-temperature cooking food, drug sterilization, biotech sterilization, Herbal medicine, Injection drip pouch autoclave

Autoclave sterilizer design principle, thermal history, size, control

  • Autoclave design >Hot water spray batch retort machine, the principle of disinfection processes
  • Sterilizer principle >>Batch overpressure sterilizer energy demand, energy consumption comparison
  • Retort size>>overpressure retort size, batch autoclave sterilizer working volume
  • Batch retort operation system >>Operational process picture, control systems, accessories

Batch steam-water spray sterilizer / Overpressure Retort types
Static autoclave, revolution / rotation / agitated retort, laboratory retort

Pharmaceutical sterilizer
Pharmaceutical sterilizer

Sterile injection, oral solution, drip bags, drip pouch

water spray food sterilizer
overpressure retort sterilizer

herbal medicine sterilization , pressure cooker

food sterilization equipment
food sterilizer

ready to eat foods, health beverage, retort pouch foods

agitated autoclave
rotary autoclave

Large packaged, concentration or heat sensitive retort food

laboratory autoclave
Laboratory retort

static, revolution, agitated / for testing, R&D process

High pressure steam sterilizer, batch steam cooking machine

steam pressure sterilizer

high pressure steam sterilizer batch steam sterilizer, the types have agitated / static / revolution autoclave sterilizer

High pressure autoclave / batch steam sterilizer

  • Heat source: the autoclave supply of steam should be upper than 6 bars (kg/cm2) by the steam boil
  • Heating quickly, uniform temperature distribution
    • direct steam heating, append exhaust cock
    • pre-vacuum, then steam injection to heating
  • Structure simply, cheap high pressure steam autoclave
  • Hand operating, semi-automatic control system, full automatic micro-computer autoclave control system
  • direct cooling system / after vacuum drying and cooling:
    • top down shower cooling system
    • could be with vacuum cooling system / vacuum drying
    • could be water immersion cooling retort machine

Pressure steam sterilizer: High temperature disinfection machine

  • Food industry: disinfection, sterilization, high-temperature sterilisation, steam cooking, pressure steam boiling, steam autoclave process machine, cooking retort
  • Rubber industry: steam vulcanizer machine, horizontal sulfur autoclave, tire curing press, rubber pre-sulfureted, curing can / pressure oven, tire / tire inner tube vulcaization machine
  • Electronics industry: pressure testing autoclave, high-pressure detection, wet forming process, environmental testing, etc.
  • Industrial purposes: forming autoclave, setting vessel, high pressure testing autoclave, batch vacuum drying oven etc.
  • Steam autoclave Type: horizontal autoclave, rotary disinfector , rotation cooker
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Hot water immersion retort, Hot water circulation sterilization

hot water immersion sterilizer

hot water circulation autoclave
Hot water immersion retort
batch autoclave sterilizer

Full water immersion sterilization machine

  • Heat re-use: the upper storage tank containing preheat water / recycling water storage tank
  • Heating quickly: hot water directly inject into the low tank, ( retort ) it's save sterilization heating time
  • Strong structure: upper and low tank was vertical side by side, saving the plant area of food-processing plants
  • Operation system: microcomputer control system / full automatic control systems / electrical control systems
  • machine types: static batch retort, revolution autoclave, batch agitated retort, batch rotation autoclave, batch rotary overpressure retort sterilizer etc.

Vertical retort sterilizer, agricultural blancher, herbal extract

vertical autoclave

Vertical retort sterilizer,
castle pressure sterilizer
batch essence extraction

vertical cooker, castle sterilizer, essence extract

  • Heating: direct steam heat the batch retort, full water immersion the retort foods, jacket-style steam heating
  • Cooling: water circulating cooling, Jacketed indirect cooling, air circulation cooling the autoclave
  • Operation system: microcomputer control system / full automatic control systems / electrical control systems
  • Material: #316 corrosion resistance of stainless steel / #304 Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel / Carbon Steel with liner etc.
  • Applications: retort food pressure cooking, drug sterilization, agricultural blanching autoclave, chicken essence extract, herbal extract, clam essence extraction


Trade service & Business

Technology service (Free charge service)

  1. Batch autoclave sterilization enquiry service
    1. Batch food sterilize retort (overpressure autoclave) process
    2. Pharmacy (medicine) sterilize process, and leak testing process
    3. The machine and tools sterilizing autoclave process
    4. Batch autoclave sterilization F value setup enquiry
    5. G.M.P / HACCP / F.D.A high temperature sterilization process enquiry / batch autoclave sterilizer operating service
  2. R&D testing service ( we had a R&D batch retort, it's service for our customer for batch autoclave sterilizing process
    1. Free charge: sterilize testing of retort food with steam water spray R&D sterilization of batch retort sterilizer ( autoclave )
    2. Supply retort pouch bag for testing, its free charge
    3. Supply sterilization retort pouch bag for testing , it's free too
    4. supply autoclave sterilization bag and testing service

Business and enginery service

  1. Business service
    1. Trade currency : NTS, USD, EUR
    2. Delivery : FOB / C&F
  2. Enginery service
    1. Technician stay duration : two person, stay 7 days
    2. Hand book : English and Chinese traditional, the local should translate by customer
    3. Technician installation guide service, if need the translator is pay by customer
    4. machine start and process testing
    5. Operation and maintenance train
    6. mechanical set-up and running study train
    7. Sterilization process testing and confirm batch retort sterilization function
    8. The machine is one year guaranty
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